Price list of Ecosilky fabrics

Danh Mục

One of the significant advantages of choosing products from Ecosilky is the diversity in natural fabric options and flexible pricing. Below is the list of fabric types and their corresponding prices:

Ecosilky fabric price list

Fabric TypeProduction MethodMOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)Price (Billion VND, depending on type)
Organic FabricHandmadeFrom 1m>$100 (depending on type)
Natural FabricClosed-loop viscose processFrom 1000m>$10 – $50 (depending on type)
Sustainable FabricCan be combined with other sustainable fabric types (4R standards: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Renew)1 ton>$5 (depending on type)

*The prices above do not include expenses such as product testing, shipping, and taxes. The complete prices will be detailed in your quotation.*

Note: Prices may vary depending on the timing, fiber density, technical specifications, fabric size, dye type, finishing method, and various other factors.

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