3D Popup Card – Notre Dame Cathedral Card – Building 3D Popup Card

Notre Dame Cathedral Card

Cover: The Notre Dame Cathedral card cover is in red. On the cover background, the image of church is prominent with the words Notre-Dame de Paris.

Inside: When opening a 180-degree card, the Notre Dame Cathedral turned up sophisticated and sharp. Each block with many small details is meticulously and skillfully cut. The feat of the card will surely surprise and admire the recipient.


Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris) is a representation of France. This is a catholic church with gothic architecture in the middle of the Seine river of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral began to be built in 1160 and completed in 1260. The special feature of the church is architecture with arched roofs with arches and flying pillars. The windows are decorated with giant and colorful roses.

In 2019, the church is renovated and restored. Unfortunately, the roof of the church burned on the evening of April 15. The fire lasting 15 hours destroyed most of the stone roofs on the ceiling. The facade, towers, walls, pillars, pipe bodies and stained glass windows had no demage.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he would rebuild the Cathedral in Paris. However, it will take a very long time to recover this work.

The representation French church inspired us to create the Notre Dame Cathedral card. The card is for the people of France and anyone who loves this country. Cards are also suitable as gifts, souvenirs, birthday gifts for friends and relatives.

Size and packing

Size: 13x18cm

Package: Greeting card includes 01 plastic bag size and 01 white envelope.