Silk scarf

Composition: 100% Natural mulberry silk

Color: Orange + purple

Size: 27.6 x 70.9 inches

Hotline: (+84) 704 899 089


Silk Scarf, ECOSILKY’s luxury fashion scarf, is made from ‘100% natural mulberry silk’. Let’s learn more about this product with ECOSILKY!

Scarf made from 100% natural mulberry silk of ECOSILKY has many outstanding advantages that no other material can match

  • Keep warm while avoiding skin irritation: Because silk fibers conduct heat poorly, silk scarves provide warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, constantly providing you with comfort.
  • Non-irritating: ECOSILKY high-end scarves are woven from natural mulberry silk and are not dyed with harmful chemicals, making them safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive.
  • Care for the skin: Silk fiber has the advantage of being soft, non-drying, and does not cause friction, avoiding skin damage when wearing a scarf for a long time.
  • A must-have fashion item: a versatile scarf perfect for all fashionable looks. The luxurious beauty is easy to mix with many different outfits for both works and go out.
  • At the same time, this beautiful scarf is a luxury but meaningful present that is appropriate for everyone!


khan-choang-lua-cam-pha-tim ecosilky

ECOSILKY scarves are dyed with all-natural ingredients to create a unique tint

ECOSILKY dyes products with natural materials such as brown roots, melaleuca leaves, green tea leaves, and so on to ensure the safety of the user’s skin. Bringing its unique color tints, diversity, and suitability to everybody.


Just creating a premium scarf is not enough, ECOSILKY products always follow the eco-friendly orientation.

  • The materials to create ECOSILKY’s high-quality scarves are all derived from nature
  • The production process is completely eco-friendly

Use instruction

  • Wash before the first use to soften the fabric
  • Wash by hand or wash with the delicate cycle at or below 30*C
  • Do not use bleach or strong detergents
  • Do not expose it directly to sunlight


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