Washcloth / Towel


1. HIGH-QUALITY NATURAL MATERIAL: Our washcloths are made of 100% mulberry silk, chemical-free, and no dyeing which are perfect for all skin types.

2. CLEAN DIRT EFFECTIVELY: The porous thread and thick fiber structure help to penetrate deeply into the skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your skin, keeping your skin clean and airy.

3. PROVIDE MOISTURE EXCELLENTLY: This natural silk material can absorb up to 30-35 of water vapor, while it is only 5% nylon. Thus, our silk washcloth is excellent at providing moisture to your skin.

4. ANTI-AGING & GOOD FOR SKIN: Extracted from natural protein fibers that contain sericin and 12 types of amino acids, our washcloth is especially good for your skin. It helps to slow down the aging process and lighten skin tone.

5. QUICK DRYING, BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-PROOF: The silk thread has a mechanism against mold and bacteria to protect the silkworm inside. This especially aids in fighting bacteria, reducing the risk of causing dermatitis and other skin diseases.

6. ECO-FRIENDLY: Due to its completely natural origin, our washcloth is biodegradable and can be fertilized after not being used


– For baby or kid:
10 x 12 inch or 25 x 30 cm
– For adults:
12 x 16 inch or 30×40 cm
12×20 inch or 30×50 cm


Cream or White (Natural color of cocoon), No dyeing, Chemical-free


1. Do:

• Hand wash with shampoo or shower gel before first & subsequent use.
• Wash with cold water

2. Don’t:

• Machine wash
• Wash with bleach
• Wash with hot water

For more information, please visit us on the website: https://ecosilky.com.vn/

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