10 Cách Để Có Một Giấc Ngủ Ngon, Xem Ngay Kẻo Lỡ !

10+ Tips for A Better Sleep, See Now!

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Deep sleep is one of the most effective methods to help you regain energy after a tiring workday. However, the reality of insomnia is becoming increasingly common, particularly among youth. Previously, this disease was only found in the elderly, especially those aged 60. Therefore, what are the causes and solutions?How can we have a better night’s sleep. Everything will be presented in this article. Let’s find out with Ecosilky!

Tips for a good night’s sleep

What makes you sleepless?

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the sleep disorders. When you want to sleep, but cannot sleep, you are always in a state of tossing, awake. Worst of all, you can wake up several times in the middle of the night and wake up the next morning. All this will bring fatigue, slowness, lack of energy and seriously impact your health.

The risk of sleep deprivation will result in severe consequences for your body. One of these is: high blood pressure, depression, …

Not sleeping increases the risk of hazardous diseases like blood pressure.

What makes it difficult to fall asleep?

Sleep failure may be caused by many different causes. See below:

  • Pressure, work and study – The pressure of running deadline or the exam will keep the nervous system aroused. You will always think, do not relax your mind and will struggle to fall asleep.
Pressure of work and study
  • Addicted to tech equipment – Blue light and waves emitted by computers and phones have a harmful effect on the nervous system and eyes. Overexposure affects the function of these parts. This will make the brain not balance the natural real time and causes insomnia.
Blue light and waves from phones and computers, technology devices
  • Bad eating habits – Regular overeating and spicy foods stimulate the taste buds. Overworking hours for the digestive system, making the stomach uncomfortable, difficult to sleep. Furthermore, the use of stimulants such as coffee, nicotine, … Will make the brain excited, awakened, making you lose the sensation of wanting to sleep.
Overeating and stimulants
  • Irregular schedule of activities – The habits of eating, working and resting are not consistent with the scientific period. Hormonal disruptions, at the same time the brain cannot determine the time of your activity. Trouble falling asleep, I’m afraid.
  • In addition to other objective factors such as: neurological diseases, physical weakness, allergies, … Noisy living surroundings, lack of air in the bedroom, and inappropriate bedding are also one of the reasons.

10+ Tips for A Better Sleep

Choose the right bedding set

Chăn Lụa Khâu Hoa Thị
Choose for your family members a quality Bedding Set for a better night’s sleep

Provide a supportive environment for your family members to sleep without interruption. In particular, a set of high quality bedding with 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials will be an excellent choice. Visit ECOSILKY now!

  • Your body will always be regulated, warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Clean, comfortable, easy to sleep regardless of allergies, skin irritation. Because ECOSILKY bedding materials are from nature with antibacterial and mold properties, and do not affect chemicals. Ensure the health of the user, comfortable deep sleep.
Chăn Lụa Tơ Tằm Khâu Họa Tiết Bông Hoa
Soft, cozy, comfortable, skin-friendly is the Silk Bedding Set from ECOSILKY

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Regular schedule of activities

  • Make a habit of getting to bed on time so your body knows it’s time to sleep. You can plan an evening like watching television, reading for 10 minutes, brushing your teeth and lying down. Or set an alarm every day, even over the weekend.
Schedule regular activities
  • Do not take a nap in the afternoon. If you have, you should only take a short nap about 15 to 30 minutes in the early afternoon.

Exercise every day, NOT before bedtime

  • Heavy exercise late in the evening increases breathing and heart rate, which interferes with the body’s relaxation process.
  • Exercise should be done early in the morning. This is a time of fresh air and good early sunshine. You can go for a walk or do gentle stretching exercises, yoga to relax the body. These will improve your health, help brain and other parts work better.
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Exercising every morning is a way to improve health, relieve stress for a better night’s sleep

Reduce your work at the end of the day, say NO to stress

  • Limit work or chores at least 1 hour before bedtime. You should take some gentle physical activities to relax such as neck massage, gentle hand and foot rotation,…
Let’s relax after hard working hours
  • Take a warm bath, soak your feet and relax.

Limit stimulant foods and drinks

  • Decrease smoking and caffeine, stimulating the effects on the nervous system several hours a night.
  • Avoid eating too full, too sweet and spicy, causing the digestive system to overload, causing indigestion, stomach upset.

The above is all that Ecosilky has shared with you about ways to get better sleep. Hope the above methods will help you!!!