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6 Types of Silk Fabric

Danh Mục

What do you know about the types of Silk currently on the market? One of the best materials, “The King of Fabrics”. Silk has many outstanding advantages from looks to great uses! Depending on the purpose of using that fabric, the artisans create different ways of weaving silk to satisfy and provide the best user experience. If you want to know what kinds of silk are used for what purposes and how to distinguish them? Let’s find out with us right here.

Silk twill

Silk twill Fabric applies the twill weave technique, which gives a strong connection between threads. This technique gives the surface of the fabric a moderate shine, not as shiny as satin. So, it should be easy to coordinate and suitable for all ages.

Silk twill surface has a moderate shine

This type of silk is very suitable for fashion outfits like skirts, trousers, or office wear. You will feel light and comfortable to wear, does not cause discomfort or irritation to the skin.

Silk twill for super fashion scarf design

Silk satin 

Silk satin fabric applies the satin weave technique for the knitting between weft and warp threads to form two very prominent and special fabric sides. One side is glossy, one side is rough, with a slight roughness to the touch. The surface of the fabric is so smooth and durable, so the price of silk satin fabric is also higher than that of other types of silk.

Silk satin material has a beautiful glossy finish

In addition, silk satin is also very light and soft. Especially, extremely absorbent, so it is very cool in the summer. At the same time, limiting the charge of electricity, so the fabric does not stick to people’s skin in the cold season.

This material is often used to make fashion clothes like ao dai, evening dress, or wedding dress.

Long dress with sweet blue color from silk satin material

Accessories such as scarves, handkerchiefs…

Silk satin scarf with super impressive textures
Silk satin scarf with super impressive textures

And interior products such as blankets, sheets…

Extremely luxurious silk satin blanket for the bedroom space
Extremely luxurious silk satin blanket for the bedroom space

Silk Jacquard

Silk jacquard is a type of silk fabric with patterns or motifs imprinted on the surface of the fabric. It was named by the inventor name of this type of loom, Joseph Marie Jacquard. Depending on the material of the woven silk thread, it can be called Coton Jacquard, CVC Jacquard, etc.

 Silk Jacquard fabric with outstanding imprinted motifs
Silk Jacquard fabric with outstanding imprinted motifs

Silk jacquard is considered to have the highest aesthetic value. It is woven from 100% natural mulberry silk with soft, smooth, and shiny. In addition, there are many patterns in the technique of weaving imprinted patterns. It also contributes to the satisfaction of creating a diverse and rich source of choices for customers.

The outfit is designed with extremely luxurious Silk Jacquard

Silk Taffeta

This type of silk is of Persian origin and means “twisted woven”. This weave provides a lustrous, dense finish that retains the properties of natural mulberry silk fibers.

Taffeta silk has a special shine

Similar to the way of weaving silk satin, Silk Taffeta will be woven with one thread up, one thread down. The difference is that Taffeta uses ripe, and soft threads before weaving, the yarn density is thicker than other silks.

There are two types of silk taffeta including silk taffeta dyed yarn and silk taffeta dyed after weaving.

  • Silk Taffeta dyed the yarn, the silk threads before being hung on the loom will be pre-dyed, corresponding to the pattern color required for weaving.
  • Silk taffeta dyed after weaving. The whole fabric will be dyed, so this type of silk taffeta usually has only one color.

The following is products made from Silk Taffeta like office attire, wedding dresses, scarves…

Silk Taffeta dress makes you more elegant

Tussah silk

Tussah silk is woven from 100% natural mulberry silk, but the yarn will be much larger and lightweight, and spongy than other silk fabrics.

Tussah Silk has a rustic, natural but attractive appearance

The surface of this material is a bit spongy but has a slight shine. It is suitable for making various towels. In addition, this material can also make blankets, keeping your body warm on cold days in the winter or cool in the summer.

Silk brings vintage style to your outfit

When wearing tussah silk clothes, users will feel extremely cool, comfortable, and light. They do not stick to people skin causing discomfort. Also, they do not bring rough feelings like burlap or linen fabric.

Silk Chiffon

This is silk with an irregular surface, transparent, and a rough feel like fine sand. When weaving, the silk threads are connected very tight and change in both directions. Therefore, the fabric will be very strong and durable. The word Chiffon comes from French and is transliterated from Arabic meaning Schiff (transparent fabric).

Silk Chiffon material is very attractive

The special features of this fabric are thin, translucent, and soft. So it is very comfortable to wear and widely used in the fashion and furniture industry.

Extremely attractive with a silk chiffon dress with attractive beauty