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Bao Loc – Silk Capital of Vietnam

Danh Mục

Throughout the long history of the development of Vietnam’s silk industry. Our country has a series of famous silk weaving villages such as Van Phuc, Nha Xa, Ma Chau… And most importantly, Bao Loc – the only Silk Capital in Vietnam. Follow Ecosilky to know more about the Bao Loc silk brand, which carries great historical responsibility, spreading Vietnamese silk around the world. Check out the article below!

Bao Loc - the largest silk producer in Vietnam

The process of turning Bao Loc into Silk Capital

From the 60s of the last century, when the war became increasingly fierce. All jobs related to silk production seemed to be wiped out in the southern region.

Faced with that situation, Japan provided $10 million in aid to the Saigon government for war reparations (Colombo Plan). At the same time, Japan sent experts to Vietnam to survey suitable locations before putting the foundation for the silk weaving industry to develop again.

As a result, they chose Bao Loc as the most suitable place where has a cool climate all year round with favorable soil conditions. Ensuring suitable for mulberry cultivation, silkworm raising, and silk weaving.

The climate and soil conditions in Bao Loc are suitable for mulberry cultivation and silk weaving.

At this place, the Japanese laid the first bricks for the “silk capital” with the establishment of Bao Loc SilkwormCenter in 1968. Until now, with unceasing efforts, Bao Loc affirms its position as the “capital” of Vietnamese silk that opened the way for Vietnamese silk to the world. It supplies silkworm varieties to the whole country, demonstrating the silk industry’s sustainable development!

Best foundation silk set in Southeast Asia

Mr. Fei Jianming, Secretary-General of the World Silk Association once commented: “Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam’s silk industry has the best foundation with many long-standing craft villages.”

Long-standing silk craft village in Vietnam

However, Vietnam has not yet been able to become a land, a big brand in the silk industry around the world. Because, at that time, our country only stopped at processing with low-profit value and exported mainly raw silk yarn.

Therefore, Bao Loc carried the mission of “The Silk Capital of Vietnam”, it has embarked on a development journey in producing and creating finished silk products. Thereby, it brings a high position to Vietnam’s silk industry and national pride.

Amazing Bao Loc silk bands with beautiful colors and textures

Spectacular turnaround – Affirming the leading position

First step in development

2018 is the year of outstanding development of the Bao Loc silk industry. When the whole province of Lam Dong has 5,000 hectares of mulberry trees, in which Bao Loc city has about 500 hectares. This place has an average yield of mulberry leaves reaching about 5,000 tons/year, towards 2020 the mulberry area will stabilize from 500-600 ha.

Bao Loc expands mulberry production

In addition, Bao Loc has 23 businesses, in which, there are 7 mechanical silk-reelings, 8 automatic silk-reelings, and 8 silk-weaving enterprises. They apply for synchronous technical advances from planting and intensive cultivation of mulberry varieties to high-quality silkworm raising techniques. Since then, Bao Loc silk products are of extremely good quality, rich in designs. These silk fabrics are very popular with domestic and foreign customers.

Trade reform supported by fashion industry

(Nguồn: tuoitre.vn)

After the collapse of the silk industry, there have been many innovative commercial methods, helping to quickly develop the Bao Loc Silk industry. Here are some views:

  • Creating a closed circle linking garment houses – silk weavers – silk spinner – mulberry growers and raising silkworms. This makes sure the right product meets customer requirements. Also, this properly applies the professional strengths of each stage, instead of embracing all of them without knowing the techniques and knowledge of each stage.
  • Refusing to sell silk yarn to traders, and only selling to domestic and foreign silk-making establishment. This guarantees long-term business, business association, not selling raw materials. Thereby administering the business development
  • ” Partners bring technology manufacturing machine to make all kinds of desired silk to Bao Loc, then we take care of organizing and operating”.

Support from the fashion industry

Promote the image of SILK through fashion show

In addition, to widely promote Bao Loc silk to customers. The support of the fashion industry is essential. From there, giving complete, applicable product orientations to identify with consumers.

  • Bao Loc Silk has appeared twice at the APEC Summit Week (2006 and 2017). In the costumes of the heads of state made by designer Minh Hanh.
Bao Loc Silk appeared at APEC

Vietnamese silk reaches out to the world market

Currently, Bao Loc silk is known as the leading export product. Even many famous fashion brands from countries like Korea, India, Malaysia… Or fastidious markets like France, Italy, Japan…

Outside of fashion. Bao Loc silk is also exported for high-tech application, interior decoration…