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Guide: How to Choose the Right Bedding Material

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Bedding is an important and indispensable piece of furniture in each family. Although they are just simple items, helping us relax and be more comfortable when sleeping. Bedding also improves sleep quality and protects the health of family members. Therefore, it is very important to consider choosing the right bedding material. Let’s learn more with ECOSILKY according to the article below!

Chăn lụa khâu tay hoa thị


When choosing a set of bedding, you should choose materials that are cool but still keep you warm. This will give you a good and deep sleep, creating positive energy for the new day. Poorly sweat-absorbing materials can easily make you uncomfortable and cause hotness. These will lead to sudden awakening, creating not deep sleep, and affecting health. Therefore, Linen material will be a great choice!

Do you want to lie down on this warm and comfortable Linen Bedding set?

The advantage of the Linen bedding set is cool. Because of the natural properties of flax, it is very absorbent and evaporates quickly. At the same time, the ventilation holes between the linen fibers will ensure that the bedding is always dry. This helps the body stay cool and comfortable while sleeping. In addition, linen is also a fabric that absorbs heat very well, so using linen as a bedding cover for the winter is also a great idea.

Chăn Linen Khâu Tay với nhiều màu sắc thu hút, mới lạ
If you like simplicity and the nature, linen is very suitable for you!

The advice for you is to choose Linen Bedding sets with 100% natural linen. When mixed with other materials, it will reduce the great advantages from the natural properties of this material.


Among the most premium fabrics today, Satin is the leading fabric because of many outstanding advantages. It is very suitable for making Bedding!! Because Satin is soft, friendly to the skin and hair as well as the user’s health. At the same time, the luxurious and attractive appearance without being too slippery will be one of the big plus points to the customers. Especially, there are many other uses like “warm winter, cool summer”.

Satin bedding set brings a luxurious and gentle beauty

However, satin is often quite picky and does not easily fit into every type of bedroom. Perhaps if you have a royal, decorated, well-groomed bedroom, satin is the right choice for you.

Tussah silk

Tussah silk is one of the special materials from nature. You may have heard that tussah silk is linen, but that’s not true. This material is woven from 100% natural mulberry silk, but the fiber will be larger, and spongier than other silk fabrics.

Chăn lụa đũi tơ tằm

The quality of tussah silk fabric depends a lot on fiber. The high-quality fabric will have longer fibers with high fiber density and tighter weaving. Therefore, when choosing a tussah silk bedding, you should choose a thick, tightly woven fabric.Compared to linen, the tussah silk is not as durable, easily frayed and broken. In return, it is softer, and smoother. The article has summarized information about the most popular bedding material today, involving characteristics, properties, uses, and how to choose the right materials. If you have any questions about Silk Bedding, you can contact us. Ecosilky will answer for you.

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