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Interesting facts about Natural Kapok Fiber

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Since ancient times, the image of the Kapok Tree is very familiar with the life of the Vietnamese. In addition to producing shade, this plant also provides natural kapok fiber for Pillow Filler. In particular, this material is extremely lightweight and smooth, sustaining sleep very efficiently. The following article will give you a better understanding of the features and uses of this material.

Harvesting process

The kapok trees growing in the wild have a very high vitality. The trunk may reach 60 – 70m height, self-growth without human care. As the season approaches, the fruit will bloom and tear to reveal pure white cotton fibers.

As the season approaches, the fruit will bloom and tear to reveal pure white cotton fibers.t.

After the harvest of the kapok fruits, workers will manually remove the shell and seeds from the fruits’fillers entirely. This is a process that takes a lot of effort and patience to produce quality finished products for consumers. This material has been used to make pillowcases for many years.

The shell and seeds will be separated from the kapok fiber

Natural features

Kapok fiber possesses many good natural characteristics

For a long time, Vietnamese people have known the application of kapok fiber in life. Kapok fiber is very lightweight, soft, light-colored, waterproof, and has strong elasticity. The fibers of this plant cannot be spun into threads, so they are often used to stuff blankets, pillows, children’s toys as sound and heat insulation layers.

What are the advantages of ECOSILKY’s pillows with kapok filler?

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Kapok fibers are used to make pillow filler

Pillows with kapok filler are highly appreciated in the market today. Because of its many outstanding advantages at an extremely affordable price, this product deserves to be at the top of the list. The following are some of the advantages of Natural Kapok Pillows from ECOSILKY:

  • Super soft. Kapok fiber is considered the most lightweight in the world, so the pillow is not picky about users. Not only helping users have a good night’s sleep but also giving the most perfect feeling of comfort.
  • Breathable and cool. Kapok fibers are harvested naturally without impurities, so they do not retain heat and are very breathable. Air is always circulated among the kapok fibers, pushing away body heat to cool the head.
  • Safety for customer’s health. Because kapok fiber is a 100% natural material so it is very safe, skin-friendly, and healthy. Moreover, lying on a pillow with kapok filler also affects blood circulation, help shoulders, and neck always be appropriately supported when lying down. Limit fatigue!
  • Easy to clean. Users can wash pillows by hand or by machine without worrying about kapok filler clumping.
  • The price is cheap but the quality is super good! Currently, the kapok tree has been grown a lot in Vietnam, so the supply is stable. Therefore, the price is very reasonable, suitable for the economy of many Vietnamese households


Kapok fiber is a material that has been used for a long time thanks to many great advantages. This material is used a lot to make pillow filler as well as other essential items in life. However, if you want to take full advantage of this material for life, you should consider and choose reputable addresses before buying products. Especially the Pillow with natural kapok filler. Contact immediately (+84) 704 899 089 to Ecosilky for product advice.