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Satin Fabric

Danh Mục

Satin Fabric has been long at the forefront of materials. Almost all fashionistas love this material because of its luxurious, seductive, and attractive beauty. Following the trend of this material to the throne, designers around the world prefer to use it right away in their fashion collections. Not only that this fabric is also used in many other fields. Let’s learn more about this fabric with ECOSILKY!

SSatin is a symbol of luxury and class

What is Satin?

Satin fabric is also known as “Satanh in Vietnam”, with a smooth, eye-catching surface. Satin is woven from 100% natural mulberry silk, through the unique weaving technique, which creates a tight bond between the weft and warp threads.

Satin weaving

In this weaving technique, the weft will go under one warp, then overlap at least one warp, and so on. The next weft will shift right over at least 2 warp threads and onto one warp. The finished fabric will have a glossy finish on the top and a matte finish on the underside.

Historical origins

About 2000 years ago, women knew how to use mulberry silk threads to weave satin fabric. Most of the woven fabrics are often used as articles of clothing, clothing for kings, nobility, and the upper class. Until now, satin fabric has always been considered the most beautiful and valuable of all fabrics.

Satin silk is only for kings and nobility

Basic characteristics

Satin will give you an extremely comfortable and pleasant feeling when using it. Moreover, this fabric does not get charged like regular wool fabrics in winter but still retains heat quite well. In addition, the ability to absorb sweat is top, so it is a favorite material of lingerie fashion. Satin material is very suitable in the summer, it gives you a cool, light, and dry feeling.


Satin fabric has many advantages like high aesthetics as its smooth surface, high shedding.

In addition, there are many versatile uses “warm in the winter, cool in the summer”. When you hold the satin fabric in the hand, you will feel cool, very durable. Also, the color is standard, bright, and long-lasting.

Small drawback

This fabric still has some disadvantages in terms of smooth surface, no folds so it is quite difficult to sew, and create complex styles in the design.

The uses of Satin fabric in daily life

High fashion

Satin has the inherent softness, lightness, and shine that make it luxurious and classy, ​​becoming an indispensable fashion cloth fabric and accessory for women. Below are images applied to fashion products.

Gorgeous with a tight-fitting Satin dress
Chic, seductive as wearing satin pajama outfits on
Accentuating everyday outfits with stylish scrunchies
Super High Fashion!! When transforming this material with a scarf


Satin fabric has the poor heat conductor so it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Therefore, premium satin fabric is also very popular in the field of bedding production


With the whole understanding of satin fabrics. Customers will certainly be more confident when choosing products of this high-quality fabric for any purpose. Especially in the field of Bedding. Contact hotline (+84) 704 899 089 for more advice!!!

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