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The Process of Making Ecosilky’s Silk Bedding Sets

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The bed is always a place to comfort you to rest after a tiring day of work, plays a very important role in life. Choosing the right bedding set for your family is essential. Do you know how they are made? Ecosilky is here to answer your questions. Check out the article below!

The production process of Ecosilky’s silk bedding set

A good quality bedding set will give you a good night’s sleep. Therefore, there are 4 necessary steps in the process of creating a complete, quality Ecosilky bedding set. At each step, you will discover the care, meticulousness, and enthusiasm of the craftsman. To show how the Bedding Sets with beautiful designs are producing. Check out the article below!

Spinning Thread

The spinning process needs care, dexterity, and experience from skilled craftsmen

At first, to create fabrics of excellent quality, it is necessary to spin thread. From the raw materials that have been harvested from nature, including fibers such as silk, tussah silk, flax… In which, each type of fiber has a different way of harvesting:

  • Silk thread – It has to go through many stages from growing mulberry plant – raising silkworm – silkworm nursery under the meticulousness of the craftsman, from there, the best quality silk thread is produced.
  • Flax fiber – After harvesting, the workers will strip the harvested flax into fibers. The fastest way is that they use bacteria so that they can eat the outside of the stem. These soft fibers are then gathered and separated into long fibers.

Through a specialized spinning wheel to form reels

Giới thiệu sợi tơ tằm
The best quality natural reels.

Weaving Silk

From the natural fibers that have been harvested, we begin the process of weaving. Each fiber quality will produce a finished product with different durability.

Careful weaving process.

According to the traditional way of weaving in Vietnam. This is the process that craftsmen will mix and match warp and weft fibers to create a variety of natural fiber fabrics by a smokeless vintage loom. In addition, depending on the number of fibers and weaving techniques, the fabric will have different thicknesses and patterns from droopy, glossy, soft, hard, or iridescent.


This is a step to bring out the true beauty of the Bedding Set when the patterns are embroidered on the fabric! The craftsman will first locate and mark the pattern on the fabric with chalk, glossy paper, and a ruler.

After sketching the pattern frame. The embroiderer will flatten and fix the fabric by using a wooden embroidery frame. Then, with just a needle and thread, the bedding set seemed to be increasingly beautiful by skillful embroidered hands. Each design can have different embroidered patterns and each type has specific technical requirements that only craftsmen with many years of experience can perfect.

The patterns are meticulously and carefully hand-embroidery by craftsmen.

This is a job that requires meticulousness, detail, and a lot of time to produce delicate patterns. They are skillfully embroidered by artisans to bring vividness to each piece of fabric. Expressing exquisite aesthetic values, focusing on honoring the individualization of each customer for each product.

This stage takes up many hours. With just simple patterns, it can take up to 3-4 hours.


When the embroiderer is finished shaping and styling the product. The fabric will be passed to the quilting department. Here, the fabrics will be put together to form a finished product. From discrete fabrics that form duvet covers, sheet covers, or pillowcases.

Craftsmen will evenly arrange the fabrics together before proceeding to sew.

The craftsmen will use their skillful hands to put the fabrics evenly. Then they sew them to form a box-like quilt cover with one side open so the quilt can be quilted. These craftsmen will also sew labels and stamps on the products.

The whole process will be meticulously hand embroidered by craftsmen.

The whole process will be thoroughly checked to ensure the right quality standards, durability, and high aesthetics of the product.

Information to buy a prestigious silk bedding set

On the market today, countless places provide Silk Quilts for consumers. From family needs to hotels, resorts… But with the appearance of so many suppliers, there will be many prices with different product quality. This easily leads to confusion when purchasing for users.

So where is the address to sell Silk Bedding Set with good quality and reasonable price? The answer is at Ecosilky. Here, Ecosilky will provide a lot of exclusive designs, stitches, embroidery patterns. Accompanying that is outstanding quality, and a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants who will support and advise customers enthusiastically and carefully to choose the right product for your family. Contact hotline (+84) 704 899 089 for more advice on products.