Top 25+ Meaningful Luxury Silk Gift Sets

Danh Mục

Until today, gifts from silk are always high-class, meaningful and luxurious gifts.

What is silk fabric?

Silk is a high-class, soft, and shiny fabric made from 100% nature. There are many types of silk but the best quality is mulberry silk.
The production of silk fabric is not easy and takes a lot of time. First, the artisans have to raise silkworms until they release silk threads. Then these silk threads are spun to weave into silk fabric. This is a good material for human health, so gifts from silk are the best luxury gift.

The most popular gift types of silk

Everyone loves to receive gifts. Especially, there will be a lot of choices if you choose gifts from silk. This premium gift is both valuable and charming.

Silk bedding

Silk is a poor heat conductor so silk quilt keeps you warm in the winter and cools in the summer. In addition, silk is so lightweight that provides comfort and ease for a better night’s sleep. Another advantage, silk is soft, smooth, and naturally beautiful, making your bedroom space more luxurious and elegant.

A silk bedding set from Ecosilky will be a meaningful present for new couples!

Silk cravat

Ao dai

From the past up to now, silk fabric has been a great choice for making traditional “ao dai”. Because only silk can bring elegance in the combination of tradition and modern change. What is more meaningful when you choose a silk Ao Dai for a girl/woman to show your love.

Vietnamese Traditional Ao Dai is made from silk

Silk scarf

It is an indispensable accessory for women. Silk scarves as gifts are very useful as turbans, outerwear for extra warmth, or a decoration for bags that add grace…

Khăn Choàng Đũi Tơ Tằm

Silk Washcloth

Silk washcloth cleans dirt effectively. The porous thread and thick fiber structure help to penetrate deeply into the skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your skin, keeping your skin clean and airy. In addition, it is quick-drying, breathable & moisture-proof, preventing mold, unlike ordinary towels. The gift of silk washcloth will create sympathy very quickly from the recipient.

raw silk washcloth

Silk necklace

A silk necklace gift is a very popular fashion accessory today. It brings the unique vibe of traditional Vietnam. The silk necklace is made from ‘100% natural mulberry wood-wrapped silk’ that exudes simplicity and elegance. Moreover, it is extremely safe for consumers because of its eco-friendly from raw material to production.