Vì sao nên chọn khăn tắm tơ tằm cho trẻ sơ sinh?

Why should you choose silk bath towels for your baby?

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Following the popularity of the silk towel product line, ECOSILKY would like to introduce you to another product, the “Silk Bath Towel,” which also belongs to this line of towels and has all of the benefits of natural silk fibers, gentle colors without chemicals, and many sizes that are very soft, suitable for babies’ skin. Take a look at the article below!

Vì sao nên chọn khăn tắm tơ tằm cho trẻ sơ sinh?


Towels are fundamentally an item that comes into direct touch with a child’s skin, therefore parents must pay close attention to this item.

Choosing 100% silk towels provides softness, comfort, and a more intimate sensation each time you use them.

After bathing, a soft silk towel will be ideal for drying oneself.

Bath towels made of 100 percent silk are smooth and pleasant.

Quick drying and good absorbency

Silk bath towels absorb and evaporate water three times faster than conventional towels, guaranteeing that the baby’s body is constantly clean and dry when used.

The towel is extremely absorbent and quickly evaporates.


Because the manufacturing method is clean and uses no chemicals, the original properties of natural silk are retained while creating towels. It also safeguards the environment.

Silk towels are safe to use on even the most delicate skin, such as a baby’s or sensitive skin. When using this range of towels, be certain that there are no rashes or allergies.

Silk towels, as opposed to traditional fabrics, are extremely skin-friendly.

Silk bath towels are produced in an environmentally sustainable and skin-friendly manner.

Excellent antibacterial and mildew resistance.

The fact that silkworms produce silk fibers to create cocoons helping protect the silkworm within from external effects accounts for this product’s good antibacterial and moldy qualities.

Since then, the silk fabric has had a very efficient mold, bacterium, and deodorizing impact. This cloth will be an excellent choice for making a baby towel.

Antibacterial towels and proper mold should efficiently remove smells.

High aesthetic

Silk fabric is attractive; the shiny color is very natural and always conveys a sense of refinement and cleanliness.

Silk fabric with natural cocoon color, delicate, clean

Where can I find trustworthy silk bath towels?

As previously said, parents should pick 100 percent silk towels because of the numerous benefits they provide. When utilized, this towel will provide your babies with comfort, convenience, and delight. Although the price is little higher than the average, the quality and efficiency that the towel provides is well worth the experience.

If you are looking for a reliable seller of 100 percent natural silk bath towels, please contact ECOSILKY immediately at (+84) 704 899 089 or keep up to speed on the newest deals at fanpage Ecosilky.