The information of “Tussah Silk Filler” that you should know

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“Tussah silk filler” is the unique ECOSILKY product that is widely valued for its natural origin materials and distinctive weaving pattern, resulting in exceptional product lines with several benefits. Let’s discover more about this product line.

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Tussah silk filler is a filler made from natural silk strands and weaved into final items using a specific mesh weave. Also, tussah silk filler is the ECOSILKY’s newest filler line, known for its ultra-lightweight, robust structure, and high-class classification. From growing silkworms through spinning and weaving, everything is done in a ‘green’ manner without the use of hazardous chemicals to assure user safety.

Why should choose?

This is the unique quilt filler line with a unique mesh structure that is carefully knotted by artisans using natural silk thread. This form of mesh knitting creates a tight link in the quilt structure while retaining the silk thread’s exceptional benefits.

This quilt filler is unlike most modern man-made fillers, which are composed of polyester or microfiber. These are all cheaper materials that are difficult to escape the heat and are not breathable.

Safe for user’s health

The tussah silk filler is made entirely of natural silk. Assuring that the whole manufacturing process is devoid of hazardous chemicals, making it extremely safe and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive individuals.

Maintain the heat

The tussah silk filler maintains heat effectively due to the limited thermal conductivity of silk strands, delivering a pleasant feeling without being imprisoned and softly caring for the body.

Breathable with excellent sweat absorption

The unique mesh structure greatly aids in the creation of apertures that allow for easy air movement. As a result, the moisture from your body is released into the air, reducing the stuffy and uncomfortable state when sleeping and allowing you to sleep better and longer.

Soft and lightweight

The product is comprised of soft and fine silk yarn woven into a thin mesh, resulting in a lightweight product that is nevertheless highly warm, meeting the demands of a wide range of clients.

Moldy and antimicrobial.

This is the natural property of silk cocoons to protect silkworms and effectively prevent environmental contaminants.

Durable highly

You won’t have to worry about deformation, lumps, or shrinking with tussah silk filler after usage and gentle washing, as you would with cotton.

Where you could buy tussah silk fillers, and how much do they cost?

Tussah silk fillers may be found at large stores, trustworthy addresses, and long-established silk enterprises, particularly in the silk bedding category. You may also visit ECOSILKY to select a suitable knitted silk blanket for your family at an exceptionally low price here.

Quilt with tussah silk filler in price according to the material of the quilt cover, which might be silk, or satin, and the size of the quilt. The price of a silk quilt will vary from 6 million to 10 million VND, which is more than other varieties on the market but incredibly affordable for a natural, safe, and high-quality product.

All of the information above will assist you in learning more about knitting silk. Ecosilky wishes to provide you with helpful information!